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Before Sending Product to 4Medical

  1. Call SurgiTel Customer Care (800-959-0153) to obtain an RMA Number before sending the product to SurgiTel. ANY PACKAGES SENT WITHOUT OBTAINING AN RMA NUMBER WILL RESULT IN SIGNIFICANT PROCESSING DELAYS (4-6 WEEKS IN SOME CASES). To better understand the customer’s needs and concerns, we encourage the customer to contact us personally.
  2. Sufficiently clean and disinfect the product. Customers sending products back to SurgiTel that require additional cleaning and disinfection will be charged an additional cost. SurgiTel also reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse to repair or replace the product if the product is deemed to be unsanitary.
  3. Package your product in a cardboard box and use a shipping service that offers both insurance and tracking to ensure a safe delivery of your product. Package the product in appropriate packaging materials to prevent accidental breakage in transit. SurgiTel is not responsible for packages lost in transit.
  4. INSIDE THE PACKAGE please include:
    • – Your name, return address and telephone number
    • – A brief description of the problem or service you are requesting
    • – Additional information as requested by SurgiTel Customer Care (e.g. Through-the-Lens Telescopes Customer Care Forms)
  5. OUTSIDE THE PACKAGE the shipping label should read:
    • RMA#
    • Surgitel Customer Care
    • 1200 North Federal Hwy, suite 200
    • Boca Raton, Florida, 33064, USA
    • Print your Surgitel RMA# clearly on the shipping label.