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Why Do 3rd Party Reviewers Prefer Surgitel Headlights?

I commend Surgitel for recognizing the potential retinal hazard from using very bright ‘cool white light’ LEDs. They have also taken steps to reduce the most dangerous blue light emission at 445 nm from the LEDs in their headlamps. I recommend that clinicians ask the manufacturers of LED headlamps and LED operatory lights to provide the spectral emission from their light source, not just the brightness or intensity of the light.

Dr. Richard Price

Superior Beam Uniformity


Other #1

Other #2

Superior Color Accuracy



(Blue tinted)


of Surgitel Headlights

  • Patented optics create superior beam quality
  • Color options to adapt to your work
  • Smallest and lightest LED headlight
  • Lithium battery pack provides light for 8 hours
  • Adjustable brightness knob
  • Fits on Surgitel and other telescopes, frames, or headbands
  • Optimal color balance provides true colors and reduces eye strain
  • Co-axial design produces shadowless work space

Advances in Surgitel Headlights: Design Considerationsof LED Headlights for Color Accuracy and Eye Safety

A full history of Surgitel’s headlight development including how we have been able to provide the best beam quality and best eye safety. Also featuring a Q&A section with answers to four of the most common LED headlight questions.

Clinical Illumination
White Paper

How effective is your clinical illumination? From fundamentals to specifics, learn how illumination should work for you in Surgitel’s illumination white paper!

LED Headlight
Selection Guide

What are the differences among LED headlights? What should I look for when buying that will effect how well it will perform with a patient?

Hazards of Blue Light CE,

The Possible Ocular Hazards of LED Dental Illumination Applications
– Catherine Stamatacos, D.D.S., Janet L. Harrison, D.D.S.

Surgitel Innovates Lightingto Enhance Your Vision

Eclipse LED

Motion activated, truly touch-free

Avoids the risk of cross-contamination

Consult without blinding patient/assistant

Easy switching conserves battery life

Micro LED

Ultra-compact LED system totaling only 9 grams

Uniform beam with multi-lenses optics (patent-pending)

Runs for up to 8 hours on one battery charge

So small and light you’ll forget you have it on

High Intensity Mini LED

The brightest 3-watt LED available

Uniform beam with multi-lenses optics (patent-pending)

Two light color options: neutral light or cool light

Headband LED

Headband design can be used with or without loupes

Multi-lens design produces an even field of intensity

Fiber Optic Light

For the strongest beam strength

Can be used with or without loupes

Compatible with your current Xenon power source