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About us

The 4Medical is a company based in Boca Raton – Florida, created to represent the Surgitel´s products in Latin America. In Brazil, a dedicated team has been set in two offices, Sao Paulo and Londrina.

SBS Group, in business for 30 years, specializes in the management of benefits, particularly health insurance, life and dental.

In December 2014, comes to represent the American brand SurgiTel (GSC Group – General Scientific Corporation), creating the 4Medical to work in all of Brazil and some countries of Latin America.

The 4Medical office is located in a strategic region of Florida – USA (30 minutes from Miami) and has all the infrastructure necessary to receive you in a pleasant and safe environment, with ample parking and personalized service.

In Brazil, 4Medical´s specialist sales team provides all information to the customers helping the selection of the best product for each professional , considering the working environment, working position, comfort  and best ergonomics. A custom made product may be fabricated following each person´s features. A dedicated customer service cell  takes care of all orders , payment and after sales support, also a door to door logistic, delivering the product wherever  is designated.

SurgiTel is a Division of General Scientific Corporation (GSC). GSC has been making a variety of optical components and optical imaging equipment since 1932. In 1992, GSC decided to enter the medical market by developing a line of ergonomic loupes based on multiple patented concepts which help clinicians alleviate their neck and back pain. These next generation products were sold under the SurgiTel brand name. GSC formed SurgiTel Systems as one of its business units to handle a line of vision-enhancement products for dental and medical professionals.

about-23SurgiTel voluntarily holds a certificate for the International Quality Standard 13485:2003 for medical device quality. To earn and maintain this certificate we must hold all of our operations to the strictest standards of design/development, production and operation. Our certificate is provided by a third party registrar (NSF) who continually holds us accountable to operating by this strict quality standard.This is an entirely voluntary process used to assure ourselves that we are able to outperform our competition through the highest quality control in all our work.

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